New Beginnings? Williamsburg Is The Place To Be

If you like brunch and biking -- this infinitely hip warehouse-turned-loft Brooklyn neighborhood has been transformed into one of New York City’s top spots for professionals. Williamsburg is a food, drink, and music lover’s paradise. This ultra-trendy neighborhood oozes with alternative  street art and two-story murals.

Williamsburg has undergone one of the most exciting real-estate transformations of any area in New York City. Warehouses and garages of the past have had spectacular renovations to modern industrial lofts, which rub shoulders with new high-rise condos. Although Williamsburg has reshaped and revamped its living quarters, the brownstone appeal  is still there. Brownstone buildings are multi-level row houses that have a facade made up of Triassic-Jurassic sandstone. These popular multi-tenant homes have some of the finest architecture in Brooklyn.

New Beginnings? Williamsburg Is The Place To Be

In addition to the wonderful architecture, Williamsburg is flooded with some of the best restaurants, whether it’s farm-to-table or comfort cuisine. Brooklyn Star serves up some of the finest comfort food with a New Orleans twist and is quite the hit with the locals.

If you’re looking for outdoor activities, there are lots. Whether biking across the Williamsburg Bridge or enjoying a picnic at Brooklyn Bridge Park, fresh air is plentiful. If you’re feeling more playful, enjoy a few craft brews while reliving your childhood at the Barcade right off of Union Ave.  And after you’re done challenging a few friends to a friendly game of Pacman head down to the Radegast Hall & Biergarten to enjoy live music; and if that isn’t enough for you, head down to The Knitting Factory and catch some amazing live performances from artists worldwide.

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